Maxim Vedenev
Freelancer, Matlab programmer,
Comsol programmer, Physicist

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My Education

1998 - 2004: Novosibirsk State University, Department of Physics
2002: Bachelor's degree in physics, specialization: plasma physics, diploma title: "Investigation of emission of fast neutral charge exchange atoms in GOL-3 facility". Mean mark: 4.63 of 5.0
2004: degree of master in physics, specialization: accelerator physics, diploma title: "Investigation of recuperation of Eh-300 facility". Mean mark: 4.53 of 5.0
2001-2007: scientific practical work in Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics.
2004-2007: post-graduate course in Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Ph.D. thesis title "Project of electron cooler for COSY synchrotron"

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