Maxim Vedenev
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Comsol programmer, Physicist

I don't work as freelancer any more
Last site update was in 2013
Just keep the site alive for history
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C++ projects


     This is vst plugin written in C++ using Steinberg SDK. It is distortion with pre and post LP/HP/BP filters. There are visualization of waveform, frequency responces. Click here to see how it works in movie on youtube

     This is 6-bands equalizer. The task was to make integer arithmetic and ANSI C code for processing part of code. So managed visual C++ (CLR) was used. Directsound was used in playback on the fly. It is console application with control from keyboard. Buffer with two notifications is used. The processing is applying of 6 second order linear filters.

      It is program in console mode. It solves multilateration task. There is object in 3d space with unknown position that emit sound. Several microphones around detect times of arrival of the sound. It is possible to calculate object position from this times. There was developed iteration process that has convergence to object position. The program has big help option and a lot of examples.

      It is program in console mode. It can recognize piano chords by it sound. The sound recorded in wav-file. The code read file and makes processing. It use fft to take spectrum. The chord consist of 3 notes played simultaniusly. The program detect peaks taking in to account that it can be seconds harmonics with doubled frequencies. It search only first 3 peaks. As resut it prints notes symbols and frequencies.